About Us

A Word From Our Founder

“Our motivation has always been to provide quality care of the highest standards in a personalized environment for the local community. We are incredibly proud of our patients, families and staff and over time we hope to expand our sphere of influence further with additional facilities across the Middle East.’’

Christina Shawky

Founder of ProVita

Message From CEO

“ProVita created the long-term care market in the UAE and is the foremost provider of acute, ventilated care in the region. We have witnessed significant demand from chronically ill patients who were previously cared for in hospital intensive care units abroad and wished to return home to the Gulf. Bringing people home to their families and seeing the individual achievements and improvements of our patients is truly rewarding. Promoting and enhancing their quality of life and the lives of their families is a responsibility that is never taken lightly.”

Michael Davis

Chief Executive Officer, ProVita


QUALITY OF LIFE It is our explicit mission to improve the quality of life of our residents. Our facilities are community-based, while our clinical practices follow international treatment standards. This enables residents to receive the quality care they deserve while maintaining their spiritual and cultural principles. We are convinced that sharing expertise and information across medical disciplines is essential in developing a treatment plan that fully addresses a resident’s recovery, which is why we operate a holistic approach.

Each treatment team, which is directed by a highly-skilled physician, includes experts in areas such as nursing, respiratory, physical, speech, occupational therapies, pharmacy, case management, nutritional services, recreational therapy, and social services. Residents and families are considered important members of the treatment team.


Our philosophy is simple: we put resident care first, at the very heart of everything we do. This mission is based on the work of our Founder Christina Shawky-Boehme. With strong global ties and international nursing standards we offer a multicultural, holistic environment for our residents with more than 300 internationally trained staff specifically skilled in working with medically complex residents who require intensive medical care and rehabilitation.




To be the leading provider for long-term rehabilitative care for chronically ill residents  in the Middle East.


The holistic methodology that underpins ProVita’s approach to care is based on the groundbreaking and patient-centric work of founder Christina Shawky-Boehme, who first established Pro Vita Germany in 1995. Together the team at ProVita International Medical Center, Abu Dhabi, succeeded in creating an international care model, which is the first facility of its kind in the UAE. With strong global ties and international nursing standards we are proud to offer a truly multicultural environment for our residents with around 300 internationally trained staff specializing in ICU and acute patient care as well as rehabilitation.


Our Abu Dhabi and Al Ain facilities have both been awarded Joint Commission International Accreditation (JCIA), which recognizes that they meet international healthcare quality standards for patient care and organisation management in a long-term care environment. ProVita is the first long-term care facility in the UAE to receive JCIA accrediation. The JCIA accreditation ensures that our facilities meet internationally recognized standards for non-acute settings such as assisted-living facilities, rehabilitation centers, and chronic care facilities. Complete assessments include resident care and rights, medication management, resident and family education, infection prevention, and a variety of other performance-related topics.