Social and Cultural Integration

Long-term residents need more than medicine – They need physical, psychological and social care. We know that this is the best way to create a real and meaningful quality of life.

This is why we speak of a ‘holistic’ approach – A multifaceted care program that incorporates social services, physicians, nurses, therapists, family and social interaction.

We approach every resident as a unique individual and in our experience, no two residents are ever the same. Some benefit greatly from being outdoors or in the community, whilst others often prefer the comfort of a close family environment or the stimulation of music or peaceful prayer. It is important therefore for us to understand the deeply personal and social needs of each resident because the social and psychological aspects of care are an important part of everyday well-being.

We also respect the importance of cultural traditions. Our team members come from a range of cultural backgrounds, which ensures that we can deliver a holistic approach that is appropriate for each of our residents.