Beatrice Somba is an experienced and highly skilled Occupational Therapist who joined NMC Provita in
May 2015. Before joining NMC Provita, she spent eight years working at Sultan Bin Abdulaziz
Humanitarian City in Saudi Arabia. Beatrice began her career in a national teaching and referral hospital
in Kenya, where she actively advocated for Occupational Therapy. She also has experience working in a
school for children with special needs and practicing community-based rehabilitation in Kenya.
Beatrice's academic achievements include a Master's in Advanced Occupational Therapy from Salford
University in the UK, as well as an undergraduate degree in Occupational Therapy from Kenya.
Additionally, she holds a diploma in Medical Health and Psychological Counselling.
With over 15 years of comprehensive experience, Beatrice has worked in both inpatient and outpatient
rehabilitation settings. She has a diverse background in acute rehabilitation, having treated patients
with spinal cord injuries, limb loss, developmental delay, neurological deficits, burns, and fabrication of
splints. She is also experienced in conducting home access visits and recommending necessary
modifications or equipment for her clients. Beatrice has practiced psychiatric occupational therapy,
demonstrating her versatility in the field.
Her commitment to providing the best possible occupational therapy services to her patients remains
unwavering, regardless of the challenges the future may hold. Beatrice holds OT board certifications
from the Kenya Occupational Therapy board, the Department of Health, OTC skills assessment, and
HCPC UK. Her proficiency in English, Arabic, and Swahili allows her to effectively communicate with
patients from diverse linguistic backgrounds.