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MEED Awards

We would like to extend our warmest congratulations to Katherine Borge, our NMC ProVita Business Development Director, who won in the MEED Awards, “Rising Star” Category.

We hope this will not only showcase our achievements and benchmark our success as a pioneer in post-acute care and rehabilitation in the Middle East, but will also serve as an incentive for other businesses to develop and improve the market to best serve its customers

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NMC ProVita is pleased to announce that we received the prestigious GCC Best Employer Brand Award

NMC ProVita is pleased to announce that we received the prestigious GCC Best Employer Brand Award for the post-acute healthcare industry as part of the 13th Employer Branding Awards hosted by World HRD Congress on October 3rd, 2018 at the Address Boulevard, Dubai.

The judges recognized that NMC ProVita translates vision into purposeful action, and that we use marketing communications effectively to attract, retain, and develop talent.

NMC ProVita was selected based on its growth in the last two years, its global presence, its HR strategy, its diversified culture, and for providing equal opportunities to female leaders.

This award is a testament to the efforts from those in leadership to those at the bedside and is a reminder of the emphasis we as an organization place on taking care of our team who in turn take care of our patients and families. We are reminded of NMC’s overarching philosophy that every patient matters and every employee counts

Thank you again and let’s keep up the great work!

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Excellence in Communication
NMC ProVita Awarded the Prestigious "Excellence in Communication" Award

NMC ProVita have been awarded the prestigious “Excellence in Communication” award by Fleming, the organizers of the 2018 GCC Patient Experience Summit endorsed by the UAE Department of Health, held on Wednesday, 19 September 2018. The awards recognize outstanding accomplishments in patient experience in the GCC and honor outstanding performers, thus providing a benchmark for excellence that will motivate regional PX leaders that are currently striving to achieve service excellence.

The major criteria for this award was to demonstrate effective communication with patients and families across all touch points prior to and upon admission, with emphases on communication through the use of technology, using the best and most convenient methods to keep patients informed throughout their time at the facility; NMC ProVita has scored very high in this category and therefore the rightful winners.

The award also takes into account how an Organizations marketing team communicates the right message to the community and target audience. NMC ProVita has always offered support for inpatient and outpatient, post-acute care and even skilled home care services, which extends to medical, nursing, and therapeutic care, and specialized home dialysis care that encompasses curative intervention, wellness promotion, rehabilitation and support services for the patient and their loved ones.

NMC ProVita also received the honorable certification for “Excellence in Staff Engagement” at this conference, highlighting the excellent work we have been doing through Human Resources in staff engagement and communication.

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Frost & Sullivan Award
NMC ProVita Receives Prominent Frost & Sullivan Award

Recognized as GCC’s best long-term medical and rehabilitative care service provider in 2017, Frost & Sullivan, a leading global strategy consultancy firm, recognizes companies across regional and global markets for outstanding achievement and performance in a range of markets, for superior leadership, technological innovation, strategic development and more. 

This award is a great achievement that highlights our deep experience in the treatment and management of chronically-ill pediatric and adult patients entailing unremitting medical intervention, including mechanical ventilation and bedside hemodialysis. It also emphasizes our implementation of novel solutions to enhance our patients' experiences, like the ' Eye Gaze Assistive Technology ' that allows our patients to communicate and interact with the world. Also, our collaboration with Al Ain Life Home Healthcare is underlined as one that offers our patients elite hemodialysis services at their bedside, eradicating the need of unnecessary movement or travel as well as lowering the burden placed on inpatient dialysis centers in the UAE. Our partnership with Dubai Health Authority to facilitate long-term care for ventilation-dependent and chronically-ill patients is also stressed on as one that strengthens the comprehensive care and services provided to the community. 

"It fills me with immense pride to know that our facility is rightly being recognized globally as one that focuses on improving its patients’ quality-of-life through the implementation of cutting-edge medical solutions, strategic and tactical acquisitions with the largest healthcare providers, rehabilitative therapy and social and cultural evolution. As part of our journey to enhance the quality-of-life of patients, the safety and quality-of-care we provide in a home-like environment, coupled with implementation of innovative technologies, is being acknowledged as award-worthy."

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ProVita Awarded Distinguished Service Olympian Awards
NMC ProVita Awarded Distinguished Service Olympian Awards

NMC ProVita International Medical Center, pioneer of long-term and rehabilitative care for chronically-ill pediatric and adult patients in the UAE, was accorded the Service Olympian Award for the Best Use of Innovation and Technology. NMC ProVita was recognized for its efforts in providing its patients with the latest and most innovative services and experiences during the award ceremony on Wednesday, January 18.

NMC ProVita’s explicit mission has always been to improve the quality-of-life of every patient who seeks treatment in its facilities. NMC ProVita cares for patients who have limited independent mobility and require round-the-clock care; those who were injured in an accident, have suffered a stroke or with neuromuscular diseases. Its holistic approach sees a multi-disciplinary team of accredited and specialized physicians, therapists and nurses leveraging the latest medical innovations in patient care.

In a world where technology is advancing so rapidly, NMC ProVita is always at the forefront of implementing cutting-edge medical solutions as customized therapy programs for its patients. Specifically, NMC ProVita offers patients the Eye Gaze Technology – an eye-operated communication and control system that empowers patients to overcome communication barriers and interact with the world. In line with enhancing the patient’s quality-of-life, NMC ProVita also offers individualized and motorized wheelchairs, especially designed for each patient, to allow movement in their environment.

NMC ProVita firmly believes that a patient’s atmosphere has a profound impact on their recovery. As such, its medical facility is designed to create a home-like setting for its patients, making sure they are comfortable and well-integrated within their community. The Center has helped more than 225 Emiratis and patients across the UAE transfer from the ICU into a more nurturing environment. Through its efforts, its patients are also able to go to school, visit restaurants, make family trips, go to the mosque, have shopping sprees, visit art galleries, go to the zoo, and so much more.

“At NMC ProVita, we are always seeking ways to enhance the medical care and services we provide our patients, and technological innovations play a substantial part in providing outstanding, specialized, and standardized care, locally,” said Michael Davis, CEO of NMC ProVita International Medical Center. “Instead of patients having to travel to the US or Europe to be treated, advancements in technology enable us to offer the same quality of treatment closer to their families and loved ones. We believe it makes a world of a difference for the patients who are chronically ill to be able to receive treatment in the comforts of their home country.”

The Service Olympian Awards aims to recognize organizations that strive for excellent customer service. Submissions are ranked according to the Customer Experience Implementation Model that is built and based on global best practice market research conducted by The International Customer Service Institute.

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