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Dana Akkad
Dana Akkad
Marketing Manager

Passionate about marketing, and well-knowledgeable about its significant role in boosting today’s businesses, Dana pursued her first degree in Marketing (2007), and master’s degree is Strategic Marketing (2013) from the University of Wollongong, to continue her professional journey, backed with personal and career-specialized training to serve giant domestic and Middle Eastern players in several industries.

Dana’s prolific exposure and employment of cutting-edge marketing models at such business starts as Bayt.com, Abu Dhabi Media Company, Baynounah Media Group and Emirates National Group helped her gain the key to chew over market dynamics, and alter them into effective marketing strategies, and measure the effectiveness to future strategies. Dana prides herself in the ability to produce innovative ideas, work as a team player and challenge deadlines. Altogether, with her attention to detail, Dana continues to enrich her proven record of successful academic and career achievements.

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