Year of the Fifty

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Dr. Adnan Omar Ramadan AL-Sheikh Hasan
Dr. Adnan Omar Ramadan AL-Sheikh Hasan
Consultant General Pediatrcian

Dr Hasan is a consultant general pediatrician. He joined NMC Provita in 2014 and has over 30 years of experience. In particular in the last 13 years he has experience in pediatric intensive care, With special interest in difficult airway management, conventional and high-frequency pediatric ventilation. He graduated with a MBBS degree in medicine from the University of Salah in Iraq in 1988 and went onto complete a post-graduation residence program in pediatrics from Jordan university of Science and Technology,attained High specialization degree in pediatrics/ With Excellent degree and Jordan Board specialization in Pediatrics.

He has a vast amount of experience in pediatric intensive care and airway management. Before joining Provita he has worked in Saudi Arabia, in King Khalid University hospital, Riyad and then six years at Tawam hospital in Al-Ain as a PICU specialist. We are very grateful for his experience and dedication here at Provita.

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