Nurse For A Day

On May 4th I woke up feeling very excited and couldn’t wait to slip into Provita’s Nursing uniform and take on one of the most respectful and humanly profession for the day. I entered Villa 3 to embark my journey as a nurse and met Mr. Mark our Charge Nurse who was very welcoming and toured me around the entire villa introduced me to his team of most caring nurses and caregivers.

My first question to Mark, how do you keep thing in order given that you are responsible as a charge nurse not just for villa 3 but multiple other villa’s and teams too, which he then point out to a small notice board on the wall right next to Ms. Felicity who was glued on to the Nursing desk busy inputting the patients requirements for the day onto the EMR interface, while also closely monitoring our residents in R1 – A and in R1 – B. “This is multitasking on a whole new Level.

Mark then patiently answered all the questions that I had in my mind in relation to process and procedure (me being pedantic here as a finance person) and showed me around the secured medication room, sub inventory for medical consumables that was neatly labelled and organized, the crash cart and its daily checklist which Ms. Soju had already tested for the day, the staffing rota for the month which is dear, near and close to Marks heart, and then followed by the patient daily activity chart.

I then proceeded to meet my first resident interaction along with Ms. Felicity, Mr. Charito and Ms. Richelle who they caringly addressed as “Baba” to assist him have his breakfast after his morning shower. It was indeed a physically challenging task to see our nursing and caregiver carefully equip “Baba” onto the patient hoist equipment so that he could proceed with his morning breakfast and later meet his wife who comes in everyday to check on him. He jokingly named this hoIsting process as “Going to the moon!”.

I then proceeded to assist rest of the team with their daily routines that is taking quality care of our residents which I was given an opportunity to see and experience the process first hand and also take part and assist them in whatever way I could. As stated earlier this was indeed a physically and mentally challenging process. It really did open my eyes to so many different perspective and ways that I have never imagined before. At this point of time I have completely stopped thinking of our clinical team as “cost centers” and really got down to the bottom and work with the team and see them as a “true value center of our business”. The true and real reason why our residents and family stick with Provita…

Our nurses and the rest of the clinical team are the life and soul of the healthcare profession providing comfort, kindness and care for our residents every day. It requires a lot of hard work and dedication as it is indeed a challenging role.

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