Mustafa Yacoub has been a part of NMC ProVita for the past 11 years when he joined as a Registered Nurse. He gained his bachelor's degree in nursing in 2008 so spent a large part of his career in Intensive Care and in 2017 completed his Master in healthcare management from SBS Swiss Business School, and membership in Case Management Society of American .

Mustafa has always initiated and maintained professional relationships with the patients and patients' relatives of NMC ProVita, and as such he moved to the Patient Experience Department and Case Management in 2015 and has gone on to lead that department as Director of patient experience and Case Management. 

Mustafa is expert with 14 years of experience in enhancing clients Journey & experience, involve in the input from the patients and their relative, assess the needs, and service planning and monitoring and evaluation also resolving complex customer inquiries. Passionate about building strong patients' relationships, driving brand loyalty, and increasing patients and their family's engagement & satisfaction.