Rejith Sahadevan, a seasoned Senior Physiotherapist specializing in Rehabilitation Services, became a part of NMC Healthcare International Medical Center in November 2015. With a well-rounded career, Rejith has contributed his expertise across various branches of NMC in the UAE.

Before his tenure at NMC Healthcare, he served as a Physiotherapist at Life Care Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Hospital in Kerala, India. Rejith's educational background includes a Bachelor's degree in Physiotherapy from MG University in Ernakulam, Kerala, India (2006), and a Master's degree in Physiotherapy with a focus on Orthopedics from MGR University in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India (2012).

Boasting over 11 years of experience, Rejith is a practitioner of evidence-based methods. His proficiencies shine in treating a broad spectrum of conditions including sports injuries, orthopedic issues, cardiology-related cases, pediatric ailments, and neurological disorders. He adeptly manages both inpatient and outpatient scenarios. Committed to staying current, Rejith consistently enhances his practical skills through active participation in numerous conferences, workshops, and certified professional courses, ensuring the delivery of effective and up-to-date practices.