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NMC ProVita International Medical Center offers specialised Home Hemodialysis services through Reaya Mumayaza.

NMC ProVita International Medical Center is offering home hemodialysis services to patients in the UAE through Reaya Mumayaza, the newest healthcare provider managed by NMC ProVita.

At NMC ProVita, we seek to enhance our patients’ quality of life with care and services that improve their overall health and well-being. We are very pleased to offer this elite hemodialysis service and provide each patient with their own dialysis unit to reduce the risk of infection. Each paitent set up will include complete Hemodialysis system dedicated for single patient, each set-up will include a personal Reverse Osmosis System to ensure high quality and safe water delivery during dialysis. This will improve the efficiency of our holistic medical care and you will no longer need to spend time travelling to your dialysis appointments.

NMC ProVita International Medical Center Offers Home Hemodialysis

  • Regular blood test before each hemodialysis session
  • Nephrology visit/care
  • Most trusted based dialysis machine
  • Individualized quality - assured dialysis
  • Available throughout the Emirates
  • Skilled & trained nurses and technicians
  • Reduces the need to travel to dialysis centers
  • Reduces the risk of infection Reduces cost
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