Year of the Fifty

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General Manager

Hello and Welcome to NMC ProVita,
NMC ProVita is more than just a healthcare company. It has become a home away from home for hundreds of patients and their families throughout the Emirates. Along with exceptional medical care we also offer our patients, hope for a new way of life a higher quality of life. We are committed to seeing the potential in every patient and ensuring they have an opportunity to follow their own goals and dreams. It is truly the smallest things that make the biggest difference.

On a personal note I am very proud of the achievements of the ProVita team over the years, since our humble beginnings back in 2011. The dedication and hard work of our staff at all levels has been the cornerstone in the exponential growth of ProVita and its endeavor to constantly improve its clinical expertise and the quality of care. I am amazed and humbled to note the difference made to our patients lives, by our skilled and innovative team on a daily basis.

We will continue to excel in providing the best Post Acute care possible in the region by always following our core values and by putting our patients and their families first. Looking ahead to the future with a great team and a commitment and passion to improve the lives of all of our patients.

Thank you for visiting our website.

Yours sincerely
Stanley Rodrigues

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