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Expanding our Therapy Team

The team of Therapists at ProVita plays an incredibly vital role in enhancing the quality of life and promoting rehabilitation for each of our residents. In a chronic care setting such as ProVita, Therapists view individuals in a holistic manner. People are intrinsically active and creative, needing to engage in a balanced range of activities in their daily lives in order to maintain health and wellbeing. Our team of therapists promote function, quality of life and the realisation of potential in people who are experiencing occupational deprivation, imbalance or alienation. It gives me great pleasure to welcome seven new Therapy team members – three new Respiratory Therapists and four Physiotherapists – to the facility as we continue in our commitment of promoting quality of life, both for our patients and the wider community. Our new Respiratory Therapists include Doris Maramara who joins us with 11 years experience handling critical patients; Joel Brugada who trained with Respiratory Therapists from the US and Canada and Christopher Alfonso experienced in ICU care, and Alvaro with 10 years international experience of working in an acute adult and paediatric setting. We also welcome Physiotherapists Peh Yan Soo who studied at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, UK and is also a clinical pilates instructor; Rene Hartman a Senior Physiotherapist who has worked in South Africa, United Kingdom and the Middle East; Deirdre Martin who has been working in the NHS in England. We look forward to seeing the team grow and develop well into the future. In the next days we will post the presentations of the team, held on the occasion of the ProVita Occupational Therapy day, informing about the many facets of our work. Stay tuned!

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