Year of the Fifty

first line    From bedbound to being successfully seated and sun-kissed     last line

From bedbound to being successfully seated and sun-kissed

ProVita’s Occupational Therapy team experienced a proud moment after one of our more complex residents was comfortably seated in a specially designed and constructed wheelchair. This involved months of hard work from the entire rehabilitation team as well as nursing staff. The journey has been long and certainly challenging as our patient was not seated for over 12 years prior to this. Months were spent on desensitization for the patient who wouldn‘t even accept gentle touch. Eventually rapport and trust were established prior to the seating trial. The process of achieving a comfortable seat was a long, yet worthwhile one. A soft cushion which looks like a beanbag is moulded around the patient’s body during the first evaluation. Once an aligned position is achieved the air is removed and the beanbag hardens (vacuum effect). The mould is then scanned using specialized equipment and the image is sent to Germany and the UK where the seat is carved according to the patient’s body shape and the seating base is specially designed. A month later, a mid-fit is done to review the patient’s comfort and position within the chair. Our resident is now able to enjoy the sun on her skin which contributes to her overall wellbeing; she displays a beautiful smile as she enjoys the sun’s rays on her feet.

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