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NMC ProVita Awarded the Prestigious

NMC ProVita have been awarded the prestigious “Excellence in Communication” award by Fleming, the organizers of the 2018 GCC Patient Experience Summit endorsed by the UAE Department of Health, held on Wednesday, 19 September 2018. The awards recognize outstanding accomplishments in patient experience in the GCC and honor outstanding performers, thus providing a benchmark for excellence that will motivate regional PX leaders that are currently striving to achieve service excellence.

The major criteria for this award was to demonstrate effective communication with patients and families across all touch points prior to and upon admission, with emphases on communication through the use of technology, using the best and most convenient methods to keep patients informed throughout their time at the facility; NMC ProVita has scored very high in this category and therefore the rightful winners.

The award also takes into account how an Organizations marketing team communicates the right message to the community and target audience. NMC ProVita has always offered support for inpatient and outpatient, post-acute care and even skilled home care services, which extends to medical, nursing, and therapeutic care, and specialized home dialysis care that encompasses curative intervention, wellness promotion, rehabilitation and support services for the patient and their loved ones.

NMC ProVita also received the honorable certification for “Excellence in Staff Engagement” at this conference, highlighting the excellent work we have been doing through Human Resources in staff engagement and communication.

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