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ProVita Al Ain Celebrates Remarkable Patient Progress on First Anniversary

One year after ProVita opened the doors of its facility in Al Ain, the brand’s second in the UAE, the team is celebrating the occasion alongside some remarkable progress made by its patients. When the first ProVita facility opened in 2010 in Abu Dhabi, it marked a ground breaking concept of providing patient centric, long-term care for ventilated patients in a personalized, non-hospital setting. The facilities in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain provide exceptional care and rehabilitative services to ventilator-dependent residents who have been treated within ICU units of hospitals or even had to go abroad to get the quality care they needed and deserved. ProVita is a local facility that provides medical and rehabilitative care at the best international level enabling residents to enjoy their accustomed cultural and spiritual environment and even more importantly, remain in close proximity to their families. ProVita Al Ain currently cares for 30 patients who receive excellent standards of professional medical care and therapy, designed according to their individual needs with a clear objective: to enhance quality of life, increase the patient’s human potential and continually promote normalcy for the patient and their family. Chief Operating Officer, ProVita, Michael Davis commented, “ProVita is the leader and foremost provider of acute, ventilated care in the region and we have witnessed significant demand from chronically ill patients who were previously cared for in hospital ICUs or long-term care facilities abroad away from their families. Bringing them closer to their families and seeing the individual achievements and improvements of our patients is truly rewarding.”

Shaikha Hazza Echtibi (6 years old) – From bedridden to enjoying school

6-year-old Shaikha was first admitted to ProVita Abu Dhabi and is now cared for in Al Ain. She faced severe physical and social problems, meaning daily life was an incredible challenge for the little girl and her family. Having spent much of her early life in the US undergoing various treatments, Shaikha came to ProVita requiring ventilation on a nightly basis and experienced a range of issues interacting with people, such as an inability to make eye contact and frequent rocking behaviour. Proprioceptive difficulties meant Shaikha was unable to walk and was afraid of making basic movements. Thanks to physical, occupational and speech therapy Shaikha has made significant developments. She is now attending a local mainstream school twice a week and plans are underway to for Shaikha to start at a school for children with special needs on a full time basis. Shaikha can walk independently, put on her shoes and engages in grooming and dressing activities with assistance.

Abdullah Ali Al-Dhaheri (16 months old) – A parent’s dream to have their son back home

Abdullah was born severely premature and suffered from chronic lung disease, leading to oxygen dependency and significant mobility and motor function problems. Since being admitted to ProVita Al Ain, Abdullah has achieved remarkable milestones and his family are delighted that he has recently been discharged home. Abdullah’s physical therapy focused on trunk control and balance through prone and sitting work, followed by supported standing and weight-bearing by kneeling. Through occupational therapy he has developed the use of his arms and hands to support, reach, grasp, and hold. He also engaged in play therapy to encourage exploration and free play on the floor. Abdullah is now able to roll, sit without support, wave and clap bringing great pleasure to his family. The ProVita team has conducted home visits to ensure a smooth transition.

About ProVita ProVita first opened in Abu Dhabi in 2010 as the only facility of its kind in the MENA region to offer state of the art long-term care for ventilated patients and those requiring continuous medical and nursing intervention for serious medical conditions in a non-hospital setting. ProVita is affiliated with Spaulding Rehabilitation Network and Joslin Diabetes Center. US-based Spaulding Rehabilitation Network is a Harvard Medical School Teaching Hospital and a recognized leader in rehabilitative medicine, long-term care and home care in the United States. This affiliation provides access to unrivalled experience, knowledge and best practice in the sphere of long-term care and rehabilitation therapies, helping to drive regional standards in the sector. Staff also receive regular education and training by Spaulding representatives and the facilities undertake auditing and evaluation procedures. The partnership with Joslin Diabetes Center enhances the diabetes disease management programs by providing clinical protocols and guidelines, family/patient education resources and materials as well as an in-depth training program for professional staff. Joslin, located in Boston, USA, is the world’s leading diabetes research, clinical care and education organization dedicated to the prevention, treatment and cure of diabetes. Joslin is an independent, non-profit institution affiliated with Harvard Medical School. The ProVita partner network also comprises cooperation with Cambridge Medical & Rehabilitation Center and Manzil Health Care Services. CMRC offers specialized and dedicated medical care and rehabilitation services to patients requiring short-term comprehensive rehabilitation and long term care for patients with chronic illness or injury. Manzil provides professional, individualized, home care services guided by the individual medical, rehabilitative and emotional needs of patients. The integrated approach between the three companies allows patients to receive care in the most appropriate environment, according to their needs, whilst guaranteeing a consistent level of quality care throughout their transition between care levels. The first ProVita was founded in Germany in 1995 by Christina S. Boehme, who later recognised the need for the provision of long-term care in the UAE, and secured backing from a global private equity firm to open ProVita in Abu Dhabi. ProVita is a portfolio company of TVM Capital Healthcare Partners, the first international private equity house with a focus in healthcare to establish operations in the MENA region. The genesis of the clinic is consistent with the TVM Capital Healthcare Partners strategy of involving leading operators from more fully developed healthcare markets such as in Europe or North America to provide unique and specialized healthcare services in the Middle East, directly catering to the growing local demand. For ProVita queries contact: Dana Akkad Marketing Manager T: +971 2 557 1030 For press information contact: The PR Company Samantha Armstrong +971501582958

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