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ProVita Awarded Distinguished Service Olympian Awards

ProVita International Medical Center, pioneer of long-term and rehabilitative care for chronically ill pediatric and adult patients in the UAE,was accorded the Service Olympian Awards for Best Use of Innovation and Technology. ProVita was recognized for its efforts in providing its patients with the latest and most innovative services and experiences during the awards ceremony on Wednesday, January 18.

ProVita’s explicit mission has always been to improve the quality of life of every patient that seeks treatment in its facilities. ProVita cares for patients who have limited independent mobility and require round-the-clock care; those who were injured in an accident, have suffered a stroke, or with neuromuscular diseases. Its holistic approach sees a multi-disciplinary team of accredited and specialized physicians, therapists, and nurses leveraging the latest medical innovations in patient care.

In a world where technology is advancing so rapidly, ProVita is always at the forefront of implementing cutting edge medical solutions as customized therapy programs for its patients. Specifically, ProVita offers patients the Eyegaze Technology – an eye-operated communication and control system that empowers residents to overcome communication barriers and interact with the world. In line with enhancing patients’ quality of life, ProVita also offers individualized and motorized wheelchairs especially designed for each resident to allow movement in their environment.

ProVita firmly believes that a patient’s atmosphere has a profound impact on their recovery. As such, its medical facility is designed to create a home-like setting for its resident patients, making sure they are comfortable and well-integrated within their community. The Center has helped more than 225 Emiratis and residents across the UAE transfer from the ICU into a more nurturing environment. Through its efforts, its patients are also able to go to school, visit restaurants, make family trips, go to the mosque, have shopping sprees, visit art galleries, go to the zoo, and so much more.

“At ProVita, we are always seeking ways to enhance the medical care and services we provide our residents, and technological innovations play a substantial part in providing outstanding, specialized, and standardized care locally,” said Michael Davis, CEO of ProVita International Medical Center. “Instead of patients having to travel to the US or Europe to be treated, advancements in technology enable us to offer the same quality of treatment closer to their families and loved ones. We believe it makes a world of difference for the patients who are chronically ill to be able to receive treatment in the comforts of their home country.”

The Service Olympian Awards aims to give recognition to organizations that strive for excellent customer service. Submissions are ranked according to the Customer Experience Implementation Model that is built and based on global best practice market research conducted by The International Customer Service Institute.

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