Year of the Fifty

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ProVita celebrated International Nurses Day

International Nurses Day (IND) is celebrated around the world every May in honor of Florence Nightingale’s birth anniversary on May 12. Florence Nightingale is widely considered the founder of modern nursing. The International Council of Nurses (ICN) who initiates IND, is a federation of more than 130 national nurses associations (NNAs), representing the more than 13 million nurses worldwide. This year’s celebration was themed ‘Closing the Gap’. The slogan is intended to be a countdown to 2015, with an emphasis on achieving the health related goals defined in the Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations. We took the occasion to not only educate each other, our residents and families and affirm how we can all contribute to achieving these goals but also to have some fun and enjoy the day. Each of our Villa teams prepared a booth on a specific educational topic and competed in designing posters visualizing the day’s motto ’Closing the Gap’, crafted pieces of art from recyclable materials, hosted a ProVita got talent show and many more activities

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