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ProVita Celebrates National Day With Support From UAE Red Crescent

ProVita received a certificate of appreciation from the UAE Red Crescent Authority during its National Day celebrations on Wednesday. The celebrations, which were hosted in the presence of the UAE Red Crescent Chairman, as well as ProVita patients, families and staff, included a range of social and cultural activities including music and dancing, children’s entertainment, a traditional UAE buffet. The patient villas were decorated in celebration of the National Day event. The UAE Red Crescent presented the certificate to ProVita for its achievements in the care and rehabilitation of its patients. The UAE Red Crescent Authority was established in 1983 and gained international recognition on August 27, 1986 by becoming member No. 139 of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. The authority plays an important role in charitable and humanitarian work locally and internationally.

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