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ProVita Hosts Education and Information Sessions to Mark World Occupational Therapy Day

Abu Dhabi, 31st October 2012: ProVita International Medical Center Abu Dhabi today hosted a series of education sessions for staff, patients and families to mark this year’s World Occupational Therapy (OT) Day. Presentations designed to improve overall understanding of the role of OT covered topics including ‘What is Occupational Therapy?’ Physiotherapy and Respiratory Therapy, given by ProVita’s newly expanded team of Therapies experts. Guests also got to enjoy fun and interactive games, as well as a patient vs staff wheelchair race.

A therapy area was also available which staff and family members visited throughout the day to pick up educational material and speak to the therapists to gain a better understanding of the Therapies Services at ProVita. Samira Hanif, Head of Therapies at ProVita who opened the event said, “OT is a multi-faceted practice that can be used in a wide range of situations, not just in a medical setting but also in schools and communities at large. Because it is so far-reaching people often misunderstand or underestimate what OT is. As part of our commitment to promoting quality of life, both for our patients and the wider community, our goal is to help people understand how OT can help them.” She continued, “in a chronic care setting such as ProVita, OT views individuals in a holistic manner as occupational beings. People are intrinsically active and creative, needing to engage in a balanced range of activities in their daily lives in order to maintain health and wellbeing. Occupational therapy promotes function, quality of life and the realisation of potential in people who are experiencing occupational deprivation, imbalance or alienation.” ProVita has recently added to its OT offering with three new Respiratory Therapists and four Physiotherapists. ProVita currently is the only facility of its kind in the MENA region to provide long-term care for acute, ventilator dependent patients in a non-hospital setting. The facility has witnessed high demand from chronically ill patients, who were previously cared for in hospital ICUs or long-term care facilities abroad. With ProVita Abu Dhabi at full capacity, a second 50-bed ProVita facility is scheduled to open in December 2012 in Al Ain’s Al Foah District.

ProVita’s doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists and related specialists offer the highest standards of professional medical care and therapy, designed according to each patient’s needs with a clear objective: to enhance quality of life, increase the patient’s human potential and continually promote normalcy for the patient and their family. ProVita is a portfolio company of TVM Capital MENA, the first international private equity house with a focus in healthcare to establish operations in the MENA region. The genesis of the clinic, and more specifically the collaboration with the founder of ProVita clinics in Germany, Christina Shawky-Boehme, is consistent with the TVM Capital MENA strategy of involving leading operators from more fully developed healthcare markets such as in Europe or North America to provide unique and specialized healthcare services in the Middle East, directly catering to the growing local demand. World Occupational Therapy Day was first launched on 27th October 2010. Since then, it has become an important date in the occupational therapy calendar to promote and celebrate the profession internationally (

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