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ProVita Supports World Immunization Week

ProVita International Medical Center (ProVita), the UAE’s first long-term ventilated care center, today pledges its commitment to World Immunization Week with the launch of an awareness campaign targeting employees, residents and the wider community.

World Immunization Week is a global public health campaign designed to raise awareness and increase rates of immunization against vaccine-preventable diseases around the world.

This year’s week long campaign begins on 26th April and focuses on closing the immunization gap and encouraging universal access to vaccines for people in all communities, preventing millions of deaths and bringing immunization levels in line with the Global Vaccine Action Plan by 2020.

Michael Davis, CEO of ProVita International Medical Center commented, “World Immunization Week is a very important initiative and we believe that it is our duty as one of the leading healthcare providers in the UAE to actively support and raise awareness about this issue. The number of deaths that could be preventing by greater immunization is astonishing and we believe that it is up to providers such as ourselves to do what we can to drive positive change in attitudes and raise awareness about preventative measures against potentially life-threatening illnesses.”

ProVita will conduct its own campaign as part of World Immunization Week from April 26th – April 30th 2015. The goal of this campaign will be to raise awareness and educate ProVita employees and residents, as well as the community, on the benefits of vaccination. In addition, the infection control team will carry out several programs in the facility in conjunction with this campaign such as awareness sessions for employees, residents and members of the community, providing Hepatitis B vaccinations for health care workers, providing flu vaccines for ProVita Employees and updating the vaccination status of all ProVita residents.

For further information, please contact:

Dana Akkad ProVita International Medical Center +971-2-5571030

About ProVita International Medical Center ProVita created the long-term care market in the UAE and is the foremost provider of acute, ventilated care in the region. We offer state of the art long-term care for ventilated patients and those requiring continuous medical and nursing intervention for serious medical conditions in a non-hospital setting. ProVita facilities in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain provide exceptional care and rehabilitative services to ventilator-dependent residents who have previously been treated in ICU or have had to go abroad to get the quality care that they required. It is our strict adherence to world-class standards of care and our relationships with western partners that sets us apart.”

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