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ProVita Welcomes Patients at its Second UAE Facility

ProVita Al Ain Opens its Doors as Demand for Long-Term Care Increases Across the GCC UAE, May 27th 2013: ProVita International Medical Center has opened its second facility in Al Ain’s Al Foah district with patient admissions now underway. ProVita Al Ain has a capacity of 50 beds and will provide care for both paediatric and adult patients from the Emirati community. The inaugural ProVita facility opened in 2010 in Abu Dhabi as the first in the MENA region to offer state of the art long-term care for ventilated patients and those requiring continuous medical and nursing intervention for serious medical conditions in a non-hospital setting. ProVita has witnessed high demand from chronically ill patients who were previously cared for in hospital ICUs or long-term care facilities abroad away from their families. The specialised care offered by ProVita plays an important role in healthcare cost control, while improving quality of life and enhancing family relationships. Christina Shawky-Boehme, founder of ProVita said, “our vision for ProVita has always been to provide the highest quality of care, governed by international standards, to as many patients in the MENA region as possible and it is incredibly rewarding to see our sphere of influence grow. Over time we hope to open additional ProVita facilities further afield across the Middle East.” ‘’Our facilities in Abu Dhabi and now Al Ain provide exceptional care and rehabilitative services to ventilator-dependent residents who either have been treated within ICU units of hospitals before or even had to go abroad to get the quality care they needed and deserved. We partner with hospitals, practitioners and other healthcare professionals to provide a patient with the required care and therapies. ProVita also provides a pathway to continued high-quality care should a resident’s condition improve”, adds Andrew Escamilla, CEO of ProVita. ProVita’s doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists and related specialists offer the highest standards of professional medical care and therapy, designed according to each patient’s needs with a clear objective: to enhance quality of life, increase the patient’s human potential and continually promote normalcy for the patient and their family.

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