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first line    The National Coverage about Munira Abdullah a patient at NMC ProVita conscious mental state has improved     last line

The National Coverage about Munira Abdullah a patient at NMC ProVita conscious mental state has improved

Munira is a 60-year-old female who was involved in a motor vehicle accident 27 years ago. She sustained a severe traumatic brain injury. At the time of her first admission to NMC ProVita International Medical Centre in 2011, she was found to have severely impaired conscious mental state. At the beginning of her admission and in the first couple of years, she was only responding to painful stimulation. In 2013, she became responsive to voices and was able to swallow thickened fluids. She was on pleasure feeding after that to enhance her quality of life.During her first stay, she received daily maintenance rehabilitation that focused on supporting her posture and preventing muscle spasms. She was also put in a chair regularly to encourage social interactions as able.

In 2015 she was discharged from NMC ProVita to another rehabilitation facility but we were still offering supportive rehabilitation services that included the monitoring of her oral feeding for a period of another year. In 2017, she was transferred Germany to another rehabilitation centre. There she underwent several surgical procedures there to reduce contractures and a special pump was inserted for spasticity management. The family reported that during the latter stages of her stay in Germany, she started to call out her son’s name. That was the fist time her son realized that she is able to speak since the accident. Following that first word she would occasionally respond when spoken to and complete certain verses of the Holy Quran upon prompting. She came back to a tertiary care hospital within the UAE. After four months, she was admitted to NMC ProVita team. She was accepted for a period of inpatient team-based neurological rehabilitation in October 2018. Her conscious mental state was assessed regularly during her admission. She has actually showed signs of increase abilities in comparison to her first admission. She has engaged on sporadic occasions in short meaningful conversations with her son and certain staff or family members. She has continued to recite versus from the Holy Quran on prompting and she has been able to identify her son. The changes observed in the last few months were minimal. Her conscious mental state has improved but she continuous to be in the minimally conscious state level. Effectively, she has become more alert and aware in comparison to the first admission to NMC ProVita, but not yet regained full consciousness.

Having written the above, it is important to mention that Munira continued to receive full medical, nursing, and rehabilitation care throughout her stay at NMC ProVita. The aim has always been to support any potential recovery, maintain her range of joint movements, prevent the worsening of her muscles contractures, provide a suitable wheelchair so that she can sit up for longer periods and better interact with the environment, and implement proper positioning on her bed and wheel chair. The journey through the minimally conscious state could be very long and could halt at any phase. The prognosis is not clear because of the scarcity of reported cases in the medical literature and the variety of the population reported. The conscious mental state of Munira has definitely improved in the last few years but the rate is very slow and the pattern is not consistent. Her condition presents a rare case that is worthy of being followed and continually supported. For this reason, NMC ProVita has always maintained high level of care and full rehabilitation team involvement.

The National Coverage about Munira Abdullah a patient at NMC ProVita conscious mental state has improved

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