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Nuzha Ishak
Nuzha Ishak
Manager, Speech Therapy Services, UAE

Dr. Nuzha Ishak PhD, Msc (Hons), Bsc (Hons) Speech Language Pathology.

Nuzha holds a lifetime license from ISHA (Indian Speech & Hearing Association) and SLMC (Sri Lanka Medical Council). She is currently also HAAD (Health Authority Abu Dhabi) licensed and serves as an examiner for HAAD licensing.

Areas of Specialization - Feeding and Swallowing Disorders in Pediatrics and Adults, Developmental and Acquired Speech and Language Disorders, Management of Swallowing and Communication in Ventilated and Tracheostomized Patients, Cognitive Linguistic Rehabilitation and Auditory/ Cochlear Implant Rehabilitation.

Nuzha is a professional and is passionate about her field, and committed to working as part of a multidisciplinary team for obtaining the full potential of the patients she serves.

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