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NMC ProVita was established in 2011, initially for patients who needed long term care. It was the first of its kind in the UAE and indeed in the GCC. Before this time patients were looked after in intensive care units across the country. NMC ProVita provides a setting where patients receive more than just medical care. It provides a home-like environment where quality of life is promoted and patients’ personal goals and dreams are shared.

NMC ProVita’s large villas are designed to ensure patients feel like they are living in a home from home rather than a hospital setting. Every patient’s room is uniquely decorated to the individual patients taste and can accommodate family members too. The Villas are surrounded by beautiful gardens and are safe and easy to access for patients to enjoy.

Quality of Life can mean feeling like a person and not a patient. It can mean taking part and enjoying social and cultural activities that the rest of us takes for granted. It can mean freedom and choice. Quality of Life is more than just physical health it is about good mental health too. That's why all of our patients have access to our in-house clinical psychologist to ensure professional emotional support and wellbeing.

Attending university and school under full clinical escort is every day practice for many of our patients. For those who are not well enough to attend school, we have an in-house class room and specialist teacher. Children with even the most severe of disability are still able to learn using modern technologies such as the 'eye gaze machine'. Graduation days in NMC ProVita are filled with proud parents and staff alike.

For many patients, NMC ProVita has opened up doors that they never thought possible. It has meant winning art awards and graduations. It has meant being a princess for a day. It has meant shopping at a mall or simple quality time with family. Whatever is the dream of our patients is the goal for our team.

Today we have a weekly trip schedule where patients (under full clinical escort) are safely visiting the following places:

At NMC ProVita we recognize that each patient is an individual. Maintaining dignity and promoting their own personality is a fundamental right. To help ensure our patients feel like people and not patients we have an in-house beautician and a visiting barber to make our patients feel lovely on the outside too. We know it is the small things that can make the biggest difference.

NMC ProVita are known for its facility held celebrations for many cultural days and social occasions such as Iftars, national day, birthday parties and many more. These times are cherished by patients, families and staff alike, as it is on occasions like these that we are truly one family.

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