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Srividhya V Iyer
Srividhya V Iyer
Senior Manager for Outpatient Rehabilitation Services

Srividhya Iyer, is the Senior Manager for Outpatient Rehabilitation Services at NMC Provita. With a career spanning almost two decades, her professional roles include clinical physiotherapist, educator, research tutor, service development, public health promotion in addition to health care management.

In her current role, she is responsible to develop and manage outpatient rehabilitation services for NMC Provita with the directive of senior leadership team.

Following a move to UAE in 2007, Srividhya worked as a Senior Orthopedic Physiotherapist at Sheikh Khalifa Medical City for 2 years. Since then she has developed and managed rehabilitation services across homecare, long term, inpatient and outpatient areas at prominent private healthcare providers in the emirate. Her experience in diverse areas have given her a strong understanding of the healthcare and insurance markets.This coupled with sound management and clinical skills have enabled her to deliver quality and robust services wherever she has worked.

Prior to joining NMC Provita, she worked as Business Head of Physiotherapy at Burjeel Hospital, and was responsible to develop and operate physiotherapy services across all their business units. She received prestigious service excellence award in appreciation of her contributions to the organization.

She graduated as a Physiotherapist from the University of Mumbai India, and thereafter completed her post graduation from the same university in 2003. She has additionally qualified in healthcare administration from University of Notting Hill, UK in 2011. She is a member of the Indian Associations of Physiotherapists, India, and is a registered practioner with the New York State, USA.

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