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Stanley Rodrigues
General Manager

Stanley Rodrigues brings with him over 26 years of experience in Human Resources and Administration Management, with 20 years of experience in the UAE. Stanley has had exposure within the Healthcare, Oil & Gas and Retail industries. His extensive experience and knowledge of UAE’s labour law and Human Resources best practices, coupled with his administrative and people management skills, have contributed to his success in various Management roles and in different industries. Before taking on the role of General Manager, NMC Provita in November 2017, Stanley was a part of the Senior Leadership Team at Provita for 6 years as Chief Human Resources Officer.

Stanley is an alumni of the University of Mumbai, having graduated in Commerce, majoring in Accountancy & Auditing, before obtaining his Master’s Degree in Business Administration, specializing in Human Resources.

In his role as General Manager of NMC Provita, Stanley strives to create an experience in healthcare that is patient-centered and compassionate and where NMC Provita team members at all levels have the desire to prioritise the continual care, well-being and improved health of all our patients. Stanley feels passionately about the Long-term Care, Rehabilitation and Home Care portfolios under the NMC Provita umbrella, and is excited to deliver the highest standard of healthcare to the UAE community.

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