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Patient Quality-of-Life Stories

Quality-of-Life Stories

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Ahmed Al Kathiri

NMC ProVita has treated many hundreds of patients who have been involved in accidents and have been left with serious injuries.

Ahmed was one of those patients. He came to ProVita to receive treatment for his pelvic fracture. He was put on our post-acute rehabilitation programme which provided him with intense therapy. After only a few short months he is now able to walk again.

He is a great example of never giving up!

Elysa Salonga

When Elysa Salonga was first admitted to NMC ProVita she suffered terribly from severe pain, numbness and disturbed sensation. She had underwent cervical surgery in December 2019 which left her with progressive weakness in all four limbs. She was bed bound and completely dependent on all activities of daily living.

In ProVita –Al-Ain Branch, she was involved in the post-acute rehabilitation program (PAR) under the supervision of the multidisciplinary rehabilitation team. They worked hardly, systematically, and continuously with Elysa and her daughter to overcome all obstacles and improve her condition.

After four months of rehabilitation she was successfully discharged home safely. It was a remarkable turnaround as Elysa is now pain free. She is now independent again and has the use of her limbs. She is able to climb stairs, feed herself and much more. We are so proud of her success and all she has achieved. She continues to be seen in the outpatient setting, where she receives physiotherapy. She is currently preparing to return to her job as a nurse.

In her thank you letter to the ProVita team, she mentioned that she never felt that she was in a healthcare facility but ‘rather a home’. We wish her every success in her future endeavors.



MaMansoor, a four-year old Emirati pediatric patient, was able to go home and live with his family for the first time as a result of the expert care he received at NMC ProVita International Medical Center in Abu Dhabi.

Mansoor Ali Salem AlGashani was hospitalized at birth. A premature baby and one of quadruplets, he was born with a number of serious health issues, including chronic lung disease.

Mansoor was treated at several Abu Dhabi-based facilities before he was transferred to NMC ProVita, where he underwent a tracheostomy and gastrostomy tube feeding and received around-the-clock medical and nursing care.

After two years on a ventilator, Mansoor is now able to breathe without assistance. A clever child who speaks four languages, the Minions fan can now eat, drink and do everything that other four-year olds do. His NMC ProVita family are so proud of everything he achieved and look forward to keeping in touch with him and his family.

Shaikha Hazza Echtibi

When 6-year-old Shaikha was first admitted to NMC ProVita she faced severe physical and social problems. Daily life was an incredible challenge for Shaikha and her family. She spent much of her early life in the US undergoing various treatments. When she first came to NMC ProVita she required ventilation on a nightly basis and had great difficulty interacting with people, thus leading to behavior such as frequent rocking. Proprioceptive difficulties left Sheikha unable to walk and she was very under confident in her self.

Her therapy team at NMC Provita assessed Sheikha carefully before creating a plan to help rebuild her strength and increase her quality of life. It was a slow and steady plan but now thanks to a lot of perseverance and hard work Sheikha has made significant progress. She can now walk independently, put on her shoes and is able to engage in grooming and dressing activities with assistance. She is also now attending a local mainstream school twice a week and is doing very well. More than anything her confidence has grown and her happy smile is infectious to all those she meets. We love you Sheikha!



Tamer, 45 years old, was admitted to NMC ProVita with a diagnosed Brain Stroke. This resulted in severe weakness in his right upper and lower limbs. He also experienced swallowing difficulties, pain in his right hip and a very low mood.

He became dependent with all activities of daily living and required rigorous physiotherapy amongst other treatments to reverse the negative impact of the stroke.

After a few months of receiving intense therapy he was strong enough to be discharged home. We wish him and his family all the best for the future.


Baba is a 72 year old Emirati gentleman, suffering from Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). Baba had been a patient in NMC ProVita for three years when he requested to go to Umrah, the pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Baba had made Umrah every year until 2007. NMC ProVita was able to coordinate the trip and sent two nurses and a critical care doctor with Baba and his family. In the early hours of the morning, with his two nurses, a doctor and surrounded by his family, Baba performed Tawaf around the Kaaba and fulfilled his dream. We are so happy to have made this possible for Baba.

Abdullah Ali Al-Dhaheri

Our beloved baby Abdullah was born premature and suffered from chronic lung disease. This lead to oxygen dependency and significant mobility and motor function problems.

Since being admitted to NMC ProVita, Abdullah has achieved remarkable milestones in his development. Abdullah had intense physiotherapy sessions focusing on trunk control and balance. Through occupational therapy he has developed the use of his arms and hands to support, reach, grasp, and hold. He also engaged in play therapy. Today Abdullah is now able to roll, sit without support, wave and clap bringing great pleasure to his family. He has since been discharged home where the NMC ProVita team have conducted home visits to ensure a smooth transition. Good luck Abudllah!

Yusra Yasser Ali Yasser Mayouf Alhattali

Yusra was born with a motor neurone disease which progressively led to chronic respiratory failure requiring permanent ventilation.

She spent several years in a government hospital ICU before being transferred to NMC ProVita. Since her admission to Provita she has increased her independence and enjoys life to the max.

Yusra is very talented and loves to paint. She has participated in many exhibitions and received many awards for her artwork. She is also attending University 5 days a week studying for a degree in Art. She is a girly girl who also loves fashion and shopping. We are so proud of all Yusra has achieved.

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