Merin is a highly skilled Speech Therapist with expertise in swallowing disorders and therapy
(Deglutology). She holds a Masters in swallowing disorders and has received certifications in various
specialized techniques, including LSVT, MBSImp, Vital Stim, MDTP, and sensorimotor approach to
Apraxia of speech from Talktools. Merin is a lifetime member of the Indian Speech and Hearing
Association (ISHA) and is licensed as a Speech Therapist under the Department of Health in Abu Dhabi
As a senior speech therapist at NMC ProVita in Abu Dhabi, Merin collaborates closely with individuals,
staff, and families to help them achieve their communication and swallowing goals. She is particularly
passionate about dysphagia management and prevention across all age groups. Her clinical expertise
includes treating swallowing disorders in patients with tracheostomy and ventilator dependence, as well
as adult neurogenic communication disorders.
With over four years of experience at NMC ProVita, Merin brings a wealth of knowledge and dedication
to her role.