Ms. Mrunalini Balaraman is a dedicated and experienced Physiotherapist with a background in the
Kerala University of Health Sciences, India. With over 7 years of clinical experience in both India and the
UAE, she is well-versed in providing evidence-based care to her patients. Mrunalini has received
specialized training in Dry Needling, McConnell Taping, and Manual Therapy from various institutes in
Her passion for continuous learning and professional growth is evident through her attendance at
conferences and winning prizes for her presentations on Matrix Rhythym Therapy and Motor Priming in
Neuro Rehabilitation. Additionally, she enjoys sharing her knowledge and expertise as a Clinical Tutor at
Meitra Hospital in India, where she teaches student interns.
Since joining NMC Royal Hospital in 2019, Mrunalini has been managing patients in the long-term care
and post-acute rehabilitation units. Her areas of interest include Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation for
neck, shoulders, and knee conditions, Post-Surgical Rehabilitation, and Neuro Rehabilitation for stroke
Mrunalini is multilingual, with fluency in English, Tamil, Malayalam, and Hindi, which allows her to
effectively communicate with patients from diverse linguistic backgrounds.