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Patient Testimonial

NMC ProVita is delighted to share the story of one of our Home Hemodialysis patients and how his quality of life improved at the comfort of his home through our excellent care and service.

At NMC #ProVita, we strive to provide the highest quality of life to our patients in a personalized and sincere manner, while consistently pushing the boundaries of optimum care to improve their overall well-being.

Tawfiq, a patient at NMC ProVita, has had an amazing recovery at our facility, and in this video, we show some clips of his journey.

Family Testimonial

"Since our arrival at NMC #ProVita, we have received excellent care from all the doctors and nurses. We are grateful for the existence of such specialized medical care and rehabilitation service in the UAE." - Tawfiq's Wife

We at NMC #ProVita offer medical care services that including specialized post-acute care and rehabilitation of inpatient and outpatients in an environment of comfort, warmth and affection. NMC #ProVita has a dedicated team of doctors and nurses who strive to improve patients' quality of life by providing advanced medical solutions and personalized treatment programs to suit our patients' individual needs.

With our facilities across the United Arab Emirates, including long term care and rehabilitation unit in Al Zahra Hospital Sharjah, one thing is for certain: At NMC #ProVita, enhancing our patients’ quality of life is paramount to our treatment programs. Our hearts are overwhelmed with happiness when we can make even the slightest improvement in our patients and their families’ lives. Thank you, Um Khalifa, for your heartfelt words. We will continue to support and provide the highest quality of care for your daughter, Mariam Salim Al Hmoudi!

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