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Americare home health care services

Americare is the largest home healthcare provider in the UAE, offering a diverse range of doctors, nurses, therapists and technicians in the comfort of your home. We cover patients of all ages from newborns to the elderly and are available in every emirate in the UAE. Our compassionate and experienced clinical team is committed to not only providing quality care, but also quality of life. Every patient is an extension of our own family. While providing continuity of care, we use only the latest equipment and evidence-based practices to ensure a world-class experience for all of our patients around the clock. Our dedicated and friendly team is available around the clock.

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Comprehensive services for children and adults

We provide a wide range of services to help children and adults with various conditions manage their health and daily activities.

Curative Services at home care Dubai

Curative Services

Our health care providers help treat and cure various illnesses and conditions with the aim of restoring health and function

Diagnostic Lab Testing at home care dubai

Diagnostic Lab Testing

We perform various diagnostic procedures in the comfort of your home and if necessary tissue and fluid samples are obtained for laboratory evaluation

Disease Management at home care services in Abu Dhabi

Disease Management

We offer expert advice and strategies on management of chronic diseases and providing support

Doctor Visiting - Physician Oversight at Home health centre

Doctor Visiting - Physician Oversight

Experienced physicians visit regularly to supervise the care of patients with complex health conditions and coordinate with other professionals to provide multidisciplinary care

Nutrition Management at Home Healthcare Dubai

Nutrition Management

Our dieticians and nutritionists ensure that you receive adequate nutrition in the most sanity manner

Pain Management at Home Healthcare Dubai

Pain Management

Our pain management specialists are highly experienced and provide the most effective remedies to help you combat the physical and psychological aspects of pain

Palliative Services at Home Healthcare Dubai

Palliative Services

Palliative care is provided for those with terminal health conditions. It focuses on managing symptoms and improving quality of life

Patient & Family Education at Home health centre

Patient & Family Education

This service provides patients and their family members with information and advice about what to expect while facing a medical condition. This helps them cope with various situations, cooperate with treatment and ensures the best possible care

Medication Management at home health care

Medication Management

This service is offered to help those with complicated health conditions organize and manage their medications to better adhere to the treatment plan

Peritoneal Dialysis at NMC Home Care

Peritoneal Dialysis

Patients with peritoneal dialysis service can use the extra fluids for kidney failure from their homes, and use the abdominal peritoneum to filter toxic substances and extra fluids

Rehabilitative Therapies at NMC Home Care

Rehabilitative Therapies

Rehabilitative services are offered to help people return a normal or near-normal life after an injury or illness. Depending on your condition, you may receive physical therapy, cognitive therapy, occupational or speech therapy and mental health rehabilitation

Skilled Nursing at Home care

Skilled Nursing

Skilled nursing services are provided to help those with certain medical conditions receive specialized care and treatment

Wound Care Home Healthcare Dubai

Wound Care

Wound care services are provided to offer care and assistance in managing wounds by keeping them clean and protected, preventing infection and promoting healing

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