Contributing to its vision of a healthier Abu Dhabi, the Department of Health launched Muashir – Abu Dhabi Healthcare Quality Index in 2018. "Muashir" is a unique, comprehensive and reliable quality framework that evolved from the Jawda program, which was first launched in 2014.

"Muashir" promotes sustainability, effectiveness of care, transparency, accountability, and the enhancement of patient experience. The development of the "Muashir" framework was based on innovation, patient centricity and engagement.

"Muashir" consists of multiple dimensions that were added since its establishment to cover the quality domains identified globally:

  1. Clinical Care Outcomes: Ensure patient safety and the effectiveness of the treatment provided to the patient while considering the complexity and patient volume seen by the hospital.
  2. Malpractice: Investigating medical errors to ensure patient rights are preserved while reducing medical errors
  3. Patient Happiness: Measuring the patient’s experience throughout their treatment journey by monitoring access to health services and patient satisfaction
  4. Correct Claims: Ensure that the services provided to the patients are properly documented and claimed
  5. Research & Innovation: Encourage health facilities to research and be innovative, in order to improve quality, patient safety, and patient experience
  6. Healthcare Regulations Assurance: Ensure patient safety and hospitals’ readiness to serve the patient within the best international standards
  7. Staff Happiness: Ensuring the happiness of the medical staff would allow them to provide higher quality medical services, resulting in better healthcare outcomes for the patient.
  8. Safe Workplace: Providing a safe environment for the patients, their attendants and medical staff
  9. Quality Assurance Certificate: Ensure patient safety by assuring the accuracy of quality data reported by the healthcare provider


During 2021- 2022, DOH considered 6 dimensions to evaluate the performance of long-term care facilities across Abu Dhabi.  These include Clinical Care outcomes, Malpractice, Correct claims, Healthcare Regulations Assurance, Quality Assurance Certificate and Safe workplace. Based on the various audits and analysis conducted by DOH or DOH affiliated companies, NMC ProVita awarded with 3 Diamonds for the excellent performance in all the measured dimensions which ensure safety of patient, staff, environment, and visitors. Achievement of excellent performance rating shows the superior, evidence-based quality of care provided by the highly trained, qualified, and competent professionals along with the top patient experience a stakeholder can accomplish in the facility over the MENA region. We are continuously improving and expanding our services and determined to obtain the outstanding performance in Muashir ranking following the vision and strategies of the facility in congruence with local and international regulatory standards.